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Author Topic: Truck Packed With 22,500 LG G2s Stolen...and Recovered - Perp Caught!  (Read 6057 times)


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In what has to be one of the strangest stories we've posted on any of our forums, this next item concerns an entire truckload of 22,500 G2 phones destined for the Sprint network.  It seems the truck was stolen in Gary, Indiana several days ago when the driver took a bathroom break at a truck stop only to come out and find his truck missing.   The large lot of LG's flagship phone was on the way to a Sprint distribution facility in Louisville, Kentucky and over the weekend the FBI got involved, along with several other government agencies to try and find the culprit...and the missing phones. 

As of a few hours ago however it seems the mystery has been solved, at least in part as one Juan Perez Gonzalez was apprehended and the truckload of booty recovered when the perp crashed his truck into a utility pole.  According to police they're "Not sure how many are involved, this could open up into obviously a number of people that are involved -- in this in this whole, we're not sure how organized this is as of yet."  The suspect has been arrested and is out on bail. He's been charged with leaving the scene of an accident, receipt of stolen property and theft by unlawful taking.

Fortunately it looks like the over $12 million in LG G2 phones will now get to their destination and just in time too.  Sprint is expected to roll out their version of the G2 on November 8th and we have a feeling these 22,500 units are a big chunk of their inventory.

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